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    • “Hi Ivan, Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help. I had to go to hospital due to cuts and swelling on my hand 2 days after our second session. Usually I would avoid looking at these things and try to think about other things. This time I was able to inspect the area completely.
      I was given a tetanus injection which caused none of the usual stress.
      With regard to reading articles that I find sickening, I feel there is much improvement here. It seems that I can now get through an article that would have formerly caused me distress as long as I am in a calm state before beginning.
      I have noticed a definite improvement. I will no longer have to avoid certain situations as I have done previously.”
      Grainne – Blackrock.
    • “I attended Ivan’s weight loss centre in May . I had serious problems with my weight. I was a couple of stone overweight and found it difficult to shift it.
      Following several sessions with Ivan I began to see a difference in my eating habits. I now only eat when I am hungry and have reached my target weight of 9 and a half stone. I feel so much better physically and emotionally.’i can wear what I want as opposed to what I could squeeze into. I can thoroughly recommend the weight loss clinic as a safe way to loose weight and deal with my issues around food. Thank you Ivan.
      Breda – Co. Dublin.
    • Hi Ivan, I’m very well, and it occurred to me last week to perhaps give you an update of how things are with me.
      I have lost 20 kg in weight , since may. Feel great and my daughter’s wedding was on 17 sept,and we had a wonderful time This week is very busy for me ,but over the weekend I will e -mail you in more detail .Hope you are well.
      Joan – Co. Dublin
    • “I had some relationship issues and needed help. Ivan was amazing, He helped me through everything and managed to help me with my relationship. I wouldn’t been able to do it without him.”
      Chris – Co. Dublin
    • “I was terrified of wasps and bees for most of my life, I seemed to have spent most of my time running away from them! I could not sit out in my garden comfortably, always scanning around me to see where the wasps and bees were, I would sit with my seat facing my door ready to run inside the house if one flew anyway near! For someone who loves to sit out in the sun and relax, which is near impossible when your jumping up and down every few minutes, I finally had enough!
      I went to see Ivan at the Slainte Care Clinic and he has really helped me through hypnosis, after two sessions with him I can now sit still and feel relaxed out in the garden with the wasps and bees flying around the flowers. I have walked through areas that I would have avoided before because of the fear.”
      Zoe – South Dublin
    • “I called Ivan about my fear of heights as it affected my everyday life. I was not able to climb a ladder without the disturbing fear of falling off.
      In just two sessions, we were able to determine the origin of my fears and I was able to clarify how irrational they were.
      After a fully painted apartment and a couple of “tests climbs” I’m happy to say I reached my goal with the help of Ivan!
      I recommend him to anyone who has irrational fears what makes the everyday life uncomfortable.
      Robert – Co. Dublin
    • “I had a fear of driving for many years. I did try many things to get me behind the wheel but nothing worked. I met Ivan at a point that I had lost the hope that I could do it. I decided to do two sessions to treat this fear. I do not know what happened but after the first session I could sit in the car and start practicing my driving without trying to find an excuse not to do it.
      Ivan’s empathy and gentle manner helped me to get back into it. He has an understanding of what is going on in your head and how to find a way that works for you.For that I will always thank him.”
      Ines – Co. Dublin.
    • “I have been smoking for 13 years and have tried to quit several times .I never considered hypnotherapy for anything so I thought this would be a fun experience. I attempted to smoke on a night out with friends but couldn’t even stand the smell or taste.”
      Lisa – Co. Dublin
    • “I think that most people return to smoking because they don’t deal with the psychological factors involved. Ivan did a great job in the hypnosis session. I literally forgot to smoke and I have not experienced any craving or weight gain since.”
      Laura Dunne – Bray
    • “Hypnosis offered me a new way to quit and it works! You must follow the program and you won’t notice that you no longer crave cigarettes. Excellent help!!”
      John R. – Co. Dublin



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