Can Anyone Be Hypnotised?

Virtually everyone it project management. Of course there are always exceptions, but these are generally restricted to a small minority of individuals, for instance those suffering with psychoses, intellectual or cognitive disabilities,┬áthe very young children and drug addicts. Yes almost anyone of normal intelligence can be hypnotised. However there are a number of notable exceptions. The hypnotherapist cannot force you to go into hypnosis unless you consent to it. Additionally hypnosis will not take place if an individual is weak willed or if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Any person of at least average intelligence and ability to focus and concentrate can go into hypnosis. The better one is able to concentrate and focus and the more intelligent a person is, the easier it is to go into hypnosis. Above all, the person must be willing to be hypnotised. Nobody can hypnotise you if you do not want to be hypnotized and your natural defenses in your mind will prevent this from happening.  

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