We understand that your wealth is truly your health so you can see below your investment in these effective programmes:

– Stop Smoking Programme: €300 (1-3 sessions) (include 1 year guarantee) (See description of programme here).

– Permanent Weight Loss Programme with Hypnosis Gastric Band: €480 (include the “Success Weight Loss Programme With Hypnosis Gastric Band + 2 sessions to maintain and readjust the gastric band) (See description of programme here).

– Eliminate a Fear or Phobia: €300 (3 sessions)

– Anxiety, Stress and Panic Attack elimination: €300 (3 sessions)

– VIP Set Your Money and Abundance Mindset And Attract The Life You Want: €999 (6 sessions)


At CHC we can help you with other issues:

– Gut Orientated Hypnotherapy Programme for IBS: €600 (6 sessions)

– Low FODMAP Diet: €200 ((includes 3 consultations over 3 months, personalised, exclusion plan, reintroduction method, final review and the most up to date booklets with invaluable  local shopping information and recipes)

– IBS Relief Combo Programme (2 sessions Low FODMAP Diet + 4 Sessions Gut Orientated Hypnotherapy): €600

– Extra Individual Session with Ivan: €120

– Extra Individual Session with Ellen Roche €120

Hypnosis Session Investment

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